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Time to embrace e-commerce

In an article published last week by Barron’s The Pandemic Is Forcing Retailers to Do What They Should Have Done Long Ago the author makes a very strong point about how COVID-19 is giving large retailers a once in a lifetime opportunity to close stores that were underperforming even before the pandemic had started. Very likely many of those stores will never reopen again, changing the brick and mortar landscape for the foreseeable future. 


Smaller retailers and brands, who rely on high foot traffic areas, must pivot and find their way online to survive. The fact that nonstore retailers saw a month-over-month increase of 8.4 percent when Consumer Spending plunged in April, should should serve as a good indication that it’s time to embrace e-commerce.


Building a steady digital revenue stream requires a different set of skills and processes than before, although there is no “one size fits all approach”, the methodology we follow for most of our clients should serve as a good indication of how to peruse online growth:


1. Data Sources / Discovery / Segments:

  • Take a deep dive into all your data sources; analyze segments who have interacted with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, compare those to your CRM or loyalty programs, look at all past purchasers, ticket averages, types of purchases, seek patterns, determine preferences, activities, likes, dislikes, etc. The key here is to identify segments and subsegments, so you can map patterns and behaviors by groups. If your social engagement is small, look at what the category leaders are doing and learn from them.   


2. Dashboard:

  • Setup a deep listening dashboard organized by each of the segments and begin daily monitoring for your brands, your categories, and your competitors. Identify the leading voices around the topics that matter the most to your segments and I assure you that through the data, you will begin to identify strategic opportunities to engage with your key segments.


3. Measure Narratives:

  • Begin testing different types of content in different channels, this content may be paid or organic, ideally, you want to do both and run a series of AB tests. For some clients who already do this at scale, we apply AI to precisely measure all variables and we usually accomplish a significant acquisition cost reduction within the first week.


4. Scale:    

  • Fine-tune, learn, repeat all 3 steps above 


If you feel that you can’t compete with the larger brands, keep in mind that today’s consumers prefer to buy from brands who have inspiring backgrounds. People today prefer to do business with other people and not corporations. Having a real story to tell has become a huge competitive advantage so don’t be shy, tell your story, manage your narrative, and win. 


We are here to help if you need us.


Best of luck.


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Seminario en Linea; Marketing de $0

Tuve el honor de ser invitado por la Cámara Hispana del Estado de Illinois a participar en una divertida charla en línea, con Cerveza en mano, sobre como hacer marketing en tiempos difíciles.

El formato de “Cerveza en mano” fue para generar un ambiente relajado ya que muchos de los participantes no solo sufrieron el tener sus negocios cerrados durante la pandemia, si no también, a algunos de los participantes les saquearon sus locales durante las protestas.

Por tal motivo, hicimos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para dar los consejos mas prácticos y efectivos con la intención de ayudar a reactivar sus negocios rápidamente.

Les recomiendo destapar una chela y verlo con calma, ojalá lo disfruten y que sea de utilidad.

Cualquier duda estoy a sus ordenes.


Thank you for the “shout out” IHCC

As part of the new digital content strategy, IHCC’s team needed to be involved in the development of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which adapts our content to find faster answers in Google.

Keywords were one of the most important terms together with the importance within content optimization, in the long term; Google searches lead more entrepreneurs, clients, members and partners to our website.

When redesigning the IHCC website keyword analysis was the first step, we took. They are integrated terms made of one or more words to have their questions answered when introduced in Google. They are the words…

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Leveraging nearshore outsourcing during difficult times

In an alarming article published recently by Business Insider, 2019 has represented a landslide of lost media industry jobs. For perspective, the article mentions that between 2014 and 2017, there were 5,000 jobs lost and in 2019 alone, there have been 7,200 jobs cut in the media industry.

Cutting jobs is not fun, as a former media executive who left to start Kreativa, I can certainly attest to how difficult reductions in the workforce can be. Not only do the people left without a steady income suffer, but the team left to pick up the workload is often also impacted, as more often than not the increase in workload does not directly correlate to compensation increases if any.

Often after “the dust settles”, fear creeps in and kills innovation, as very few would dare to try new things for fear of getting on the next chopping block. Organizations that go through reductions in the workforce must focus on seeding the right culture that will help them through the turnaround if they want to survive.

Outsourcing provides an excellent opportunity for organizations looking to reduce operating expenses to do so without leaving the surviving team members to pick up the workload left by the eliminated positions. Also, by outsourcing key operations, often fresh eyes can detect workflow inefficiencies which may be solved by new technology such as automation, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, which its implementation under a Nearshore structure is highly efficient as well.

Leveraging nearshore companies like Kreativa during these difficult times can help organizations maintain a spirit of innovation, which is exactly what is needed to be able to reinvent the business model, crucial for the long-term viability of the business.

At Kreativa we are uniquely qualified to assist Media companies to manage nearshore operations more efficiently than anyone else in the space, our team is formed by experienced media executives who truly understand nuts and bolts of running a media company.

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Planning a trip to Leon?

León combines both the historic and the modern. The town offers different places and activities for every taste. You can spoil yourself by going shopping or you can just walk around this colorful, vibrant and festive place. You will find the richness of its hot springs everywhere you go.

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