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Shelter BPO services gives you more control over the operation and at the same time you still leverage Kreativa’s strong relationships with the media, government, universities, business ecosystem, talent pull, etc. We provide a great office space, parking, connectivity, human resources, IT support and you manage your own team, giving you the chance to focus on your operation while Kreativa helps solve everything else.
Yes, some of our best partners started with a part-time developer and as they grew, we have grown together.
Our highly innovative and experienced team unquestionably is our greatest asset. In addition, our senior management team has had ample U.S. C-suite experience, which has been crucial in the formation of a strong results oriented culture.
Yes, most of our managed development services are project managed from our Chicago based team. Also, as we are headquartered in Chicago, all of our contracts are with a US entity, making working with Kreativa a very simple and straight-forward process.
Yes, we are innovators in that fun and effective hiring practice which lets us find the best of the best.
We pride ourselves for having a very low personnel turnover rate, chief among them are competitive salaries, great office space and a unique corporate culture and work ethics.
Absolutely, happy to assist building iOS, Android, websites, AR, VR, MR, or workflow improvement software development needs.
The practice is managed directly by our CEO, John Trainor, who has over 25 years of hands on experience in innovation, entrepreneurship and high-profile corporate turnarounds.

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Kreativa helps companies maximize value through creativity, innovation, technology and an efficient operating structure. Kreativa is proudly 100% minority owned and certified company.


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