Nearshore Outsourcing & Automation

Nearshore Outsourcing
& Automation

Our first assignment with a new customer was to move 5 full-time data management positions into Kreativa’s nearshore shelter operation.

This transition enabled the customer to realize savings of close to 50% of their operating costs.

Once the new Kreativa team was in place, Kreativa’s innovation consultants identified opportunities to drive additional efficiencies by strategically automating certain workflows which enabled the team to drive an additional 50% cost reduction.

This additional cost reduction also came with an important reduction in human error, improved speed, and quality.
Overall, our client was able to realize a 75% cost reduction within the first 3 months with a significant improvement in performance.



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Kreativa helps companies maximize value through creativity, innovation, technology, and an efficient operating structure. Kreativa is a proudly 100% minority-owned and certified company.


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