Why should my business
have a website?

Nowadays it is of utmost importance to have a website, since it is our letter of introduction and our second location open 24/7 for customers, playing an important role in increasing sales.

That is why having an enabled, attractive and concise web page will open the way to a sea of potential customers who will begin to build your database of contacts and will begin to position you in search engines.

But let’s start with the essential, what is a web page?

It is a means of communication within the Internet that offers information through its different web pages. Its operation is based on user action to navigate between them.

With this out of the way, let’s continue with another very essential aspect, what is a web domain?

It is the address that your website has online, it is the phrase (so to speak) that will take your customers and visitors to your web pages through a browser and is made up of two elements:

The name of your company (for example, mybusinees), and an extension that indicates the type of domain (.com), thus creating the web address mybusinees.com. The “.com” is used for commercial purposes while the others known as “.net” or “.org” are used for technological purposes or for organizations respectively.

With almost 1,300 million websites in force by 2020, it is typical that if you try to acquire a domain for your brand, it will be a little difficult for you to register just the one you want, so the other extensions open the door to generate the closest combination to what you want.

For example, if the domain “mybusinees” could not have been mixed with “.com”, another extension such as “.mx” could have been chosen, to locate us in Mexico. Domain extensions can also be geographic (“.mx” for Spain, “.us” for the United States, “.la” for Latin America), so there are still many options to obtain the most accurate domain.

It is recommended that your domain has the full name of your brand to give it seriousness, remember that your website is the online business card par excellence, it opens the way for visitors and buyers so keep in mind that it will be easier for you to remember yourself for the facilities you offer them and the online experience to which you direct them to perceive. That is why you need a digital marketing strategy to carry out this experience.

What is a hosting?

In order for your website to stay current and online seven days a week, 24 hours a day, you need to stay connected to the WWW (World Wide Web or Internet) through a web server.

This means that hosting is a space in the virtual world, which has the mission of keeping and hosting your website active and available so that users can access it at any time from anywhere in the world. It also ensures that your information is protected as well as that of your potential customers and that it prevents malicious attacks.

Think of it as your own computer which houses your files, music and photos, you must keep it on when you want to have access to all of it and you can only see them when you are connected to a power source or your battery is recharged. Well, with web hosting, the server must be broadly powerful to keep all your information hosted so that the system never falls and your visitors can see what you offer at all hours.

Have you ever visited a website at 3 in the morning thanks to insomnia seeing what useful and beautiful things to buy? Well, a hosting makes that possible and allows the sale of products of all kinds with your website at all times, very useful isn’t it ?.

How can a website for my business help me?

As we mentioned before, it is the quintessential business card. I know that you may be thinking that keeping your social networks active (like Facebook and Instagram) and with frequent and aesthetic posts will make you a great attraction online, but it is not so simple.

Although that is true, remember that having your own website shows seriousness, highlights that you are a trustworthy business which people can realize that if they enter their bank details, they will receive just what they expect: an accurate background of who you are and what you offer, an increased taste for your brand, and therefore, a secure transaction.

It is also a digital marketing tool that opens the way to compete with modern companies, if you do not have a well-made website, you are lagging far behind in terms of competitiveness and sales reach, as well as visualization.

What elements should my website have?

Make sure it’s flashy. There are various techniques that you can use depending on the type of service or product you offer, but if you are not sure, a website with limited text and striking images that highlight the aesthetics and quality of your product or service, can take you very far.

All this encompasses web design, an aspect of web pages that must be considered primarily to capture the exact image you want to convey.

Web design is a creative function that focuses on the visible configuration of a site and the user experience. It consists of planning through artistic concepts that aim to capture the image of a company or a project through implementation and regular updating. ” – HubSpot

Do not complicate the life of your visitors! Keep in mind that a web page full of text and little organization will send them running away from you. The point is to keep them interested with a clean but eye-catching design so that they know directly what you offer.


Here are 3 basic principles:

  • Functionality
  • Shape
  • Compatibility

Functionality refers to making the interface comfortable for the visitor, keep everything simple and organized to reach the final phase: a quick transaction.

The shape is the mold you are implementing to the site, what shape are you molding your business card? I am referring to visual art: figures, abstract images, real photographs of your team members, etc. In short, how you explain what you do with graphics (with fonts, colors and interactive elements).

Compatibility is that your platform is available for all browsers and mobile and desktop devices, so that you capture the largest possible audience, do not lose prospects! Stay up to date.

Remember that flexibility is an essential element to take into account, make your website responsive: this means that you must be visible to all types of devices and screens.

Today’s user searches for everything on their smartphone or tablet (not only desktops or laptops are handled anymore), making a responsive website has the mission of having your content distributed to all these platforms to achieve uniformity for your website.

E-commerce to boost your business

Your website will take you directly to the practice of E-commerce, which points to the sales or contracting of an online service. Take advantage of your corporate image and direct your visitors to complete a purchase and more in these moments of contingency.

Selling by all means, whether physical or online, allows you to enhance your brand from all sides. Remember that digital marketing encapsulates all of these terms to unify a strong online and physical presence.

According to the Markeging4eCommerce website, there are 5.19 billion smartphone users as of early 2020, making up 59 percent of the world’s population. Can you imagine what you can earn if you take advantage of e-commerce these days?

To boost your business and follow the right steps so that all of this design and online commerce goes perfectly, we recommend hiring a marketing agency ready to take action at the bases of your company.


It can sound, feel overwhelming, believe me I know, but here at Kreativa we have a great team, ready to listen at your needs and help you take that step into the digital world.

Feel free to drop a line, I’d love to hear your comments, doubts, insights, experiences.

Have a great weekend!