How to Reduce Your Costs with Outsourcing

How to Reduce Your Costs with Outsourcing It is all about numbers. The companies that make the most of thetime and resources available do not hesitate to outsource with a single objective: to lower costs. And in times when inflation hits organizations hard, saving resources is of vital importance to maintain competitiveness. In this blog […]

Kreativa, a solution to your talent shortage

Did you know that current job openings far outnumber the workers willing to fill them in the United States? The challenging human capital shortage numbers are occurring in areas ranging from education and healthcare professionals to technology experts, to name a few. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of the last days […]

How Home Office Increases your Company’s Productivity

Even before the pandemic outbreak, many successful companies benefited from the Home Office working model. Their results included increased production and cost savings, among others, as organizations took advantage of the advantages of technology, which made it possible to have remote workers. When COVID-19 started, these organizations were the first to adapt to the lockdowns […]

Interview; Uncomfortable CEO dialogues

Did you know the Pandemic was coming? How did it affect your business?  Watch this fun interview to learn what happened in Kreativa. Share your comments with us below.

Project Managers in Agile Organizations? An oxymoron?

Traditionally, the practice of project management has taken a linear approach. But this dramatically ignores the fact about how disruptive exponential change can be and how it is going to disrupt their businesses, as the World gets on its feet in a post-pandemic mindset.  The balance of the 21st century will be the equivalent of […]